Last week my mentor and friend was killed in a car accident. The words rung around in my head for days. The shock of it. I wasn’t prepared to hear those words. He had survived heart surgery in January. The last time I saw him at lunch he was so happy and glowed with internal light. Throughout the last twenty years I have known him he was so positive and supportive. He was humble. You could never give him a complement without one in return. He never really liked complements. He would give you this look that was shy every time you gave him one. He had so many looks. My favorite was his amazed look. It was this wide eyed expression of wonder and amazement. He got this look every time you told him something you were going to do he never thought about doing with a program you were discussing or idea or picture. He truly cared for everyone of his students not just about their education but their life. He took an interest and supported them. He touched everyone of us with his gentle heart. I will miss him so much. As a friend he was a loving and truly wonderful. He could make you laugh and he smiled with his whole soul. He beamed so bright when there was an adventure talk and laughed with a deep within joy. He never pushed you in a direction but instead said well and let you come to a conclusion on your own. My heart hurts thinking of the future without him.