Life’s Paths

Life takes to you down many paths. Some are hard while others are easy and blissful. Every fork in the path a decision made that takes you on some adventure whether enlightening or a lesson learned. Sometimes your fortunate to have love ones be your compass and support along the way. While other times it feels like your alone going down the road till a beam of light brakes its way through showing you have so much to be thankful for. While we can’t always see the reasoning at the time for a certain path we took but it does reveal itself to connect to the dots so to speak at some point during life’s paths. We experience moments of happiness and moments that can be so low your afraid to look back. We have so many big moments and lots of little moments that have made us into who we are. Something that caused the little things that make us an individual with little quirks that make us special to someone out in the world. Sometimes looking back those little quirks are what we miss the most of those we have lost. This life path I’m on may at times scare the hell out of me and at others takes me to heights filled with so much love I think I could burst. I have never regretted a path I was on either by choice or by life’s demand. I have always looked for the lesson I was to have learned or the connection that brought me to joy. I’m on a road now that I see the outcome of a new destination but to get there I have to walk away from something I put my everything into building. I sacrificed so much along the path to building it. The anger I have of the betrayal that forced me to dream of this new road. All my sacrifices for the previous path meaning nothing, a failure and 2 stupid decisions that put me on this new road. I’m not one to hold on to anger. I don’t like being so mad I want to explode. I have always been one who let the anger go. It’s not worth holding onto it. See it as a lesson. But this time I’m having a really hard time letting it go. There is so much of it. It’s clouding my train of thought and my ability to see clearly the road ahead. Hopefully getting my thoughts out and acknowledging it will set it free from me. I know I will forgive the Betrayal and will take the lessons learned as time passes. I don’t need the negativity. So this goes out to the universe and to life’s new paths I look forward to the next big adventure that’s in my near future. Hopefully anger free!