Feeling Reflective!

My son graduated high school. Yes, I have a son that old and I’m old! Well not that old I had him early in life. Time has flown by and I feel like I missed out on things. Don’t get me wrong I was there for everything but I think I missed out on the beauty of some of the moments.  Birthday parties where I worried about if everyone was happy and had everything they needed. Rushing around and getting things perfect. I look at the pics and remember those moments but feel like I wasn’t there a 100% in my mind. I don’t remember taking a breathe and being completely there enjoying the moment. My mind was 20% running down what needs to be done or what someone needed. I think we as moms forget to take a breathe and enjoy the moments. Look at the beauty of our family & friends and take in that feeling of love that is there. Don’t get me wrong my family & friends all together can be at times trying but love is there somewhere underneath the loud talking and craziness. So there you have it. Enjoy the beauty of the moments no matter how small or big they are! When the moment is over all you have is its memory. Be there a 100% and you will have no regrets.