Broken Butt

#Broken Butt

On a snowy and icy day while going down the back office stairs I slipped on ice and hit my butt on every metal step on the way down. Hit the landing so hard my shoes flew up and went down the next set of steps. I jumped up pretending like it didn’t hurt and told the vise president of the company I worked for at the time that I was completely find as he handed me my shoe. I went to my desk worked for all of 30 mins till couldn’t take it any longer. The VP offered to drive me to the ER. I was so embarrassed. So I said I wanted to go to my doctors first thinking he would let me drive myself since was on the other side of town. He drove me to my doctors office then I was then sent to the ER which my VP drove me to. Image me on a bed butt side up being wheeled to x-ray with my VP standing next to me. Loved him to death but I thin I could of handled the ER by myself. After the x-ray my wonderfully funny VP said well after today I can’t say I haven’t seen my employee’s butt before because I got to see your bones and all on the x-ray. He had done his hardest through this whole experience not to laugh or poke fun but had lost it that point. Honestly I was surprised he lasted that long he was always laughing. I was later informed that I had broken my butt bone and they gave me a wonderful donut to sit on for the next few weeks. The wonderful noise from that donut I got to endure over the next few weeks not to mention my VP had come up with a new joke every time I saw him. The killer part of this story was a few days after this incident at the company Christmas party the president of the company’s drunk wife fell on me and took me to the ground with her on top of me. She was out cold drunk. Who happened to be the first person there my VP trying to get her off of me and laughing the whole time. Afterwards he looked at me and said with a straight face maybe you should take a few days off before someone kills you. The universe wants you on the ground for some reason and willing to use other people to do it. We both busted out laughing. God love him he was a great boss who made you laugh when you think you couldn’t.