A Dance to Remember!

Saturday we where at a wedding of a family member. My hubby danced not only one slow dance but two one after another. Looking at him in his suit and looking very dashing, I realized that even after all these years of being together when that wonderful man I have pulls me into a dance I still feel like it was the first time we slowed danced. I get this warm glowing feeling all through me and cant help but smile from deep within me. Whenever we dance its like all the love we have for one another melts into the air that’s all around us and wraps us up in its warmth. It’s the most loving and safe place I have ever felt. The world, its stresses and everything just fades away. We are the only ones left. Him and me talking, laughing and just being close to one another. I can remember every dance we ever danced throughout the years. From our first dance to dancing at night in the middle of the living room. Those are moments I will always hold close to my heart.